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Güneş Apart Hotel continues to provide uninterrupted service for our guests in Datça for more than 20 years.

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    Güneş Apart is located in the city center of Datça and is 70 meters from the sea.


    Datça is 350 km from Izmir.There are buses to Datça from İzmir,İstanbul and Ankara throughout the year.


    You can reach Bodrum and Dalaman Airports from Istanbul and Ankara. Dalaman airport is 170 km away from the town and there is a shuttle service to Marmaris. There are Bodrum flights that in sync with the ferry times.


    From June to October car ferries run daily in both directions between Bodrum and Datça (Körmen). Motorcycles, cars and caravans are permitted in the ferry.

    City transportation

    There are regular municipal bus services to Reşadiye and Old Datça Neighborhoods, which are far from the city center of Datça. Municipal Buses also stop at Reşadiye, Körmen, and Özil and Aktur during the summer months.
    Transportation to the villages is done by minibuses. Those who want to visit the Villages are obliged to rent a taxi or minibus if they do not have a car, as minibuses take the passengers back.
    Minibuses leave the villages in the morning and return in the afternoon.
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